Adobe Photoshop Course Details

This course has been designed for Professionals, Students and Hobbyist as we cover the entire gamut of the tools for image processing 2D Modelling, 3D Modelling and Animation. This Course is useful as we start with the very basics of the Graphics Designing concepts and move on to advanced concepts so that the students is job ready by the time the course is over.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful application for photo and image editing that is regarded as the keystone of professionally creating digital pictures. This is called the best software in the field for productivity. It should be noted that this is not a drawing scheme. Photoshop may be used for scratch building original images and graphics, but inherent problems and limitations exist. In this type of work, Photoshop is not intended for use. It's basically a tool for image editing and not a tool for design. In conjunction with Adobe Photoshop specialist programs can be used for superior results. Photoshop also has a technology preview feature known to be turned on and provides feedback regarding the process of image editing. In Linked Assets and Creative Cloud libraries the new stock content service from Adobe has been incorporated to provide access to millions of inventory photos. Through linked assets, the master graphic and layer can be changed and any Adobe Photoshop design is used for the asset to undergo a transformation. The Adobe Creative Sync is used by Creative Cloud Libraries to make the availability of assets and a simple task in the appropriate format. Asset exports are streamlined with the single click Quick export option for exporting design to SVG, JPEG and PNG.

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Course Duration

1 Month



Delivery Mode

Classroom Training

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Students of Fashion Designing
Student of Interior designing
Animation Enthusiast
Desktop Publishers
Web Authoring Professional
Internet content designers

PHASE I : Online Courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing

  • 1) Interface
  • alt text The Welcome Screen
  • alt text Color Spaces
  • alt text Document Window
  • alt text The Toolbox
  • alt text Menus
  • 2) File Menu
  • alt text New
  • alt text Open
  • alt text Close
  • alt text Clode All
  • alt text Save
  • alt text Save As
  • 3) Tool Bar
  • alt text Rectangle Marquee Tool
  • alt text Ellipitical Marquee Tool
  • alt text Move Tool
  • alt text Default color
  • alt text Recover File
  • alt text Zoom Tool
  • alt text Hand Tool
  • alt text Lasso Tool
  • alt text Edit Lasso Tool
  • alt text Polygon Tool
  • alt text Edit Polygon Tool
  • alt text Crop Tool
  • alt text Deselect the Selection
  • alt text Magic wand Tool
  • alt text Move selection
  • alt text Copy Using Move Tool
  • alt text Perfect Rectangle & circle

  • 4) Edit Menu
  • alt text Free Transform
  • alt text Transform
    • i. Scale
    • ii. Rotate
    • iii. Skew
    • iv. Distort
    • v. Perspective
    • vi. Wrap
    • vii. Rotate 180
    • viii. Rotate 90° cw
    • ix. Rotate 180° ccw
    • x. Flip Horizontal
    • xi. Flip Vertical

  • 5) Select Menu
    • alt text Color Range

PHASE II : Online training / tutorials for Photoshop, Online Graphics Designing

  • 6) Drawing and Painting Tools
  • alt text Brush Tool
  • alt text Air-Brush Tool
  • alt text Pencil Tool
  • alt text Eraser Tool
  • alt text PaintBucket Tool ,Gradient Tool
  • alt text Smudge Tool
  • alt text Define Brush
  • alt text Load Brush
  • alt text Create a new Layer
  • alt text Delete Layer

PHASE - III: E-learning correspondence courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing E-Learning.

  • 7) Layers
  • alt text Rename a Layer
  • alt text Position the Layers
  • alt text Layer Opacity
  • alt text Draging Layer
  • alt text Link Layers
  • alt text Invisible Layers
  • alt text Merge visible layers
  • alt text Flatten image
  • alt text Edit Gradient colors
  • alt text Swatches Palette,Eraser Tool

PHASE IV : Training in Photoshop, Online Courses in Photoshop, Editing Images, Online Training for Graphics Designing
  • 8) Image and Text Editing.
  • alt text Image Size
  • alt text Different Modes for filling colors
    • i. Color Mode
    • ii. Multiply Mode
    • iii. Screen Mode
    • iv. Opacity of color
    • v. Save selection
    • vi. Load selection
    • vii. Fill gradient
    • viii. Merge Down
    • ix. Strokes/outlines
    • x. Rasterize the shapes
    • xi. Canvas Size
    • xii. Type Tool
    • xiii. Vertical Type Tool
    • xiv. Type Mask Tool
    • xv. Adjustments - Brightness/contrast
PHASE V: Courses in Photoshop Online Training, Graphics Designing, Online Training.
  • 9) Channel Palette and Mask Mode options
  • alt text Standard Mode
  • alt text Quick Mask Mode
  • alt text Channel Palette
  • alt text Load a channel as a selection
  • alt text Adjustments
  • alt text Auto levels
  • alt text Inverse Selection
  • alt text Filters
PHASE VI : Correspondence courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing, Learn
  • 10) Feathers
  • alt text Feathers
  • alt text Add Reveal Selection
  • alt text Rulers
  • alt text Clipping Mask
  • alt text Adjustment - Hue/Saturation
  • alt text Color Balance
  • 11) Drawing & Editing Paths
  • alt text Path
  • alt text Pen tool
  • alt text Convert to curve
  • alt text Filter - Neon Glow
  • alt text Clone Stamp
  • alt text Adjustment - Replace colour