How Will MATLAB Course Help You Achieve Your Career Goals


MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory and is called as 'Language of Technical Computing' for its most versatile features which are gaining enormous application in modern era of computing. Its uses are wide spread in different fields, communication fields such as signal and image processing, communications, control systems and even in computation finance the use of MATLAB is on the vital magnitude.

It is fourth generation programming language developed by Mathwork. It allows users to manipulate data, implementing of algorithm, drawing data and can interface with C, C++ and Fortron.It enables visualization, programming in simple way.

Matlab is everywhere whether it’s Information Technology or Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering.

  1. Algorithm development.
  2. Modeling simulation and prototype.
  3. Scientific and Engineering graphics.
  4. Data Analysis and Exploration.

Because of MATLAB's wide range of applications in different fields, most of the companies have implemented this tool for various purposes; this gives a wide range of openings for professionals who have profound knowledge in the MATLAB. The advancements in the field of MATLAB are very rapid since the growth is very rapid it is gaining its pace in the not fewer areas. It can be easily predicted that the downhill few years enhancements as well as requirements will much more grow undoubtedly.

What Kind Of Jobs Can You Get After You Learn MATLAB?

If a person is from B.E. or B.Tech in any field - right from IT or CS to Electronics to Mechanical or Aerospace engineering, MATLAB gives a head start in careers related to

  • • Modeling and Simulation
  • • Algorithm Development
  • • Scientific Graphics
  • • Data Analysis and Exploration
  • • etc.

Companies In India That Hire Engineers For Their MATLAB Skills Include

Cummins, Tata Motors, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, John Deere, IBM, Cognizant, Tata Technologies, Eaton, Mahindra & Mahindra, Thermax, Accenture, Siemens, 3DPLM Software Solutions Limited, Wipro, Atlas Copco and Schlumberger.

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