Diploma in Computer Application Course Details

Diploma in Computer Application is a fundamental course which is designed for first time computer users. This course will enable students, house wives and professional from all fields to get a grip on the fundamentals of IT. Every Individual needs to know DCA for his day to day management of his office be it Engineer, Doctor, Scientist, Politician, Teachers, Professors and everybody else. Broadly speaking this course is a must for each and every person intending to join or get associated with IT in any way.

In all sectors of the market, a computer programmer or operator is in high demand. They are used in shops to establish a database with their numbers, price and quantity ratios for all products. In schools, the computer operators must sit behind the desk and manage the school's computer database, list all the students, information on the student’s fees, registration details and all other students ' activities on the computer.
To handle such large data, an effective computer operator is required. In offices, the computer operator takes care of the rear door and keeps information on the computer for employees. Computer benefits are numerous and a competent computer engineer is needed to facilitate computer tasks. That is why it has created a DCA degree, which provides computer-related knowledge in a short time.
Another advantage is that anybody is eligible to study this diploma course. After completing DCA you can have a number of career prospects and all sectors are open to you. This program imparts specialization in the fields of: Basics Computer Skills, MS Office Applications, Internet Basics, E-Business, Software Hacking & IT security, PC Assembly and Troubleshooting, Software Engineering.

Diploma in computer application Highlights

Course Duration

3 Months



Delivery Mode

Classroom Training

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Students, House wives
Doctors, Engineer, Scientists
Bankers, Professionals
Teachers, Professors
Every body
  • alt text Computer Fundamentals, Computer Typing
  • alt text Theory on Software, Hardware, Networking & Internetworking
  • alt text Microsoft Windows Based Desktop Operating Systems
  • alt text Microsoft Office Suit (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • alt text Microsoft Office Suit (Outlook, Picture Manager, Project)
  • alt text Productivity Product (Adobe Acrobat)
  • alt text Connectivity (LAN, Wireless, Remote Access)
  • alt text Internet (Browsing, E-Mail, Chat, Search Engines, download, Upload etc.)
  • alt text Storage & Archive Services Scanning, Printing, Multimedia