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This course has been designed for Professionals, Students and Hobbyist as we cover the entire gamut of the tools for image processing 2D Modelling, 3D Modelling and Animation. This Course is useful as we start with the very basics of the Graphics Designing concepts and move on to advanced concepts so that the students is job ready by the time the course is over. We cover Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photshop.

Computer networking courses are usually offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels through certificates and graduate programs in computer science, IT, and electronics and computer technologies. Undergraduate programs generally prepare students for entry-level posts in computer networking and can qualify students to be certified through companies such as Cisco and CompTIA. The degree programs focus more on the field's aspects of research and development.
The networking of computers is always changing. Computer management can be an exciting and rewarding career journey with new technological advances. Computer and security professionals are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of computer systems. The systems can be installed, networks configured, servers secured and network safety managed. These IT professionals are the ones who fix their problems when users have trouble with their systems.
In order to help organizations gain a strategic advantage, computer and computer networks can move data quickly, easily and reliably around the world. As more organizations enter the IT fields, support staffs are needed to plan, implement, troubleshoot, and manage computers and computer networks.

Diploma in Graphic Designing Highlights

Course Duration

5 Month



Delivery Mode

Classroom Training

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Students of Fashion Designing
Student of Interior designing
Animation Enthusiast
Desktop Publishers
Web Authoring Professional
Internet content designers


  • alt text Introduction to Desk Top Publishing
  • alt text Introduction to Page Maker Advantages
  • alt text Using the Mouse
  • alt text Components of the Page Maker Window


  • alt text Setting the Margins
  • alt text Setting the Page Size
  • alt text Changing the page Orientation
  • alt text Setting Page Numbers
  • alt text Changing the Page Size view
  • Creating New Document Windows
    • alt text Displaying the Rulers
    • alt text Changing the Rulers
    • alt text Changing the page Orientation
    • alt text Using Rulers
    • alt text Using Guidelines
    • alt text Positioning Guidelines
    • alt text Adding Guidelines to Master Pages
    • alt text Aligning to Guidelines
    • alt text Displaying Guidelines
    • alt text Locking Guidelines
  • Formatting Types
    • alt text Changing Font Families
    • alt text Changing Font Sizes
    • alt text Changing Typeface Style
    • Changing Character Specifications
    • alt text Changing Type leading
    • alt text Changing Character Widths
    • alt text Changing Tracking
    • alt text Changing Type Options

  • Saving Your Document
    • alt text Saving a new Document
    • alt text Saving an existing Document
    • alt text Saving a Document as another document
    • alt text Reverting to a Previously Saved Version
  • Developing Paragraphs
    • alt text Typing Text
    • alt text Adding special Characters to Text
    • alt text Aligning Text
  • Formatting paragraphs
    • alt text Changing Indents, Changing the space around Paragraphs
    • alt text Changing paragraph Alignment
    • alt text controlling How Paragraphs Break Between Pages and Columns
    • alt text Adding lines Above or Below Your Paragraphs.

  • alt text Converting Other Objects to Frames
  • alt text Threading and Unthreading Text
  • alt text Threading additional Text, Threading Text to Different Page
  • alt text Unthreading Text Blocks, Rethreading Text Blocks
  • alt text Making Text Blocks Disappear Without Deleting them
  • alt text Selecting and Dragging Text
  • alt text Editing Deleting Text, Cut, Copying, Pasting Text
  • alt text Viewing the Contents of Clipboard
  • alt text Using Undo and Revert
  • Inserting and Removing Pages
  • alt text Inserting and Removing Pages
  • Adjusting Spacing of Characters, Words, Lines
  • alt text Adjusting, Spacing and Leading
  • alt text Setting and changing Tabs

4.Adobe Page Maker

  • alt text Introduction to Auto Flow
  • alt text page maker Plug-Ins
  • alt text Drop Cap
  • alt text Change Case
  • alt text Bullets and Numbering
  • alt text Adding Graphics to your Document
  • alt text Adding Lines
  • alt text Changing Lines Specifications
  • alt text Adding Shapes, changing Shape specifications
  • alt text Changing Line and fill
  • alt text Specifications together (Fill and Stroke)
  • alt text Changing Round Corners
  • alt text Creating Drop-Shadow
  • alt text Boxes, Text wrap
  • Changing page maker Options
  • alt text Adjusting Margins, Setting and Adjusting Columns
  • alt text Setting Unequal Width Columns
  • alt text Creating headers and Footers
  • alt text Creating Graphics in page maker
  • alt text Rotating Text
  • alt text Skewing and Mirroring objects with Control Palette
  • Importing Graphics into page maker
  • alt text Placing, Sizing, aligning Graphics
  • alt text Cropping Graphics.Introduction to Using layers
  • alt text Moving and creating objects
  • alt text Introduction to Printing- Selecting a Printer
  • alt text Printing your Document
  • alt text Printing Document Dialog Box Options

  • Introduction – Using Story Editor
  • alt text Opening Story Editor
  • alt text How the Story Editor names
  • alt text Tories
  • alt text Switching Between Story Editor and Layout Editors
  • alt text Closing Story Editor and Placing the Story Editor
  • alt text , Differences between Story Editor and layout Editors

  • alt text Starting the speller
  • alt text Correcting Misspelled Words
  • alt text Correcting Duplicate Words
  • alt text Adding Words to the different Dictionaries
  • alt text Correcting Duplicate Words
  • alt text using find Feature, Using the change Feature,using page Maker Help

Adobe InDesign

Adobe® InDesign® software lets you design and preflight engaging page layouts for print or digital distribution with built-in creative tools and precise control over typography.
Work Area
  • alt text Arranging palettes
  • alt text Customizing workspace
  • alt text Palette menus
  • alt text Navigation and magnification
  • alt text Layers
  • alt text Context menus
  • alt text Selecting objects
  • alt text Using help
  • alt text Starting new documents and page size
  • alt text Master pages
  • alt text Footers
  • alt text Placeholder master
  • alt text Applying master and overriding master
  • alt text Editing master pages
Main Tools:
  • alt text Modifying and resizing text frames
  • alt text Modifying and resizing graphic frames
  • alt text Wrapping graphics
  • alt text Creating and duplicating frames
  • alt text Rotating and aligning objects
Importing and editing text
  • alt text Managing fonts
  • alt text Creating and entering text
  • alt text Creating headline
  • alt text Flowing text
  • alt text Working with styles
  • alt text Aligning text
  • alt text Threading text
  • alt text Changing number of columns
  • alt text Changing text alignment
  • alt text Character style
  • alt text Find and Replace and Spell check
  • alt text Text on a path
  • alt textVertical spacing
  • alt text Baseline grid
  • alt text Space above and below paragraph
  • alt text Font and type style
  • alt text Paragraph alignment
  • alt text Special font features and drop cap
  • alt text Fill and stroke for text
  • alt text Kerning and tracking
  • alt text Working with tabs
  • alt text Rule for paragraph
Working with color
  • alt text Adding color to swatch palette
  • alt text Applying color to objects
  • alt text Dash stroke
  • alt text Tint
  • alt text Spot color
  • alt text Apply color to text
  • alt text Apply color to object
  • alt text Creating and applying gradient swatch

Importing and linking graphics
  • alt text Adding graphics
  • alt text Vector and bitmap graphics
  • alt text Managing links to imported graphics
  • alt text Updating graphics
  • alt text Clipping paths
  • alt text Settings for display performance
  • alt text Library to manage objects

  • alt text Importing and formatting a table
  • alt text Formatting borders and alternating row colors
  • alt text Graphics within tables
  • alt text Formatting text in table
  • alt text Character style to table text
  • alt text Adjust column size
Vector graphics
  • alt text Document grids
  • alt text Applying color to path
  • alt text Pencil tool
  • alt text Pen tool
  • alt text Drawing curve and straight segments
  • alt text Compound path
  • alt text Slicing a path with scissor
  • alt text Adding end shape to open path
  • alt text Creating texture effects
  • alt text Inline graphics

  • alt text Transparency setting
  • alt text Opacity of objects
  • alt text Blending modes
  • alt text Feathering
  • alt text Transparency settings for EPS images
  • alt text Drop shadow
Interactive document
  • alt text Bookmarks
  • alt text Hyperlinks
  • alt text Navigation buttons
  • alt text Adding a movie
  • alt text Button with rollover and down states
  • alt text Adding an action to button
  • alt text Exporting to pdf
  • alt text Defining a book
  • alt text Creating book file
  • alt text Order and pagination
  • alt text Table of content
  • alt text Maintaining consistency
  • alt text Synchronizing book document
  • alt text Updating table of content
  • alt text Indexing the book

Printing and preparation
  • alt text Preflight
  • alt text Package
  • alt text Separation preview
  • alt text Transparency preview
  • alt text Transparency flattener preview
  • alt text Printing proof
Section 1: Introduction
  • alt text What is CorelDRAW
  • alt textCourse Objectives
  • alt textHow to Use the Manual
  • alt textHow to Install the Exercise Files
Section 2: Getting Started
  • alt text Exploring the CorelDRAW Screen
  • alt text Getting Assistance
  • alt text File Management
  • alt text Setting Up the Page
Section 3: Moving Around and Viewing Drawings
  • alt text Moving Around the Current Page
  • alt text Viewing Modes
  • alt text Inserting and Deleting Pages
  • alt text Changing Pages
Section 4: Selecting & Manipulating Objects
  • alt text Selecting and Deselecting Objects
  • alt text Moving Objects
  • alt text Copying and Deleting Objects
  • alt text Deleting Objects
  • alt text Sizing Objects
Section 5: Drawing and Shaping Objects
  • alt text Drawing and Shaping Tools
  • alt text Using the Freehand Tool
  • alt text Drawing Lines and Polylines
  • alt text Drawing Freehand Polygons
  • alt text Drawing Perfect Shapes and Polygons
  • alt text Reshaping Lines and Polylines
  • alt text Drawing Curves
  • alt text Reshaping Curves
  • alt text Drawing Rectangles
  • alt text Drawing Circles
Section 6: Arranging Objects
  • alt text Arranging Objects
  • alt text Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
  • alt text Using Guidelines
  • alt text Using Dynamic Guides
  • alt text Using Snap To
  • alt text Aligning Objects
Section 7: Working with Text
  • alt text The Text Tool
  • alt text Creating Artistic Text
  • alt text Editing Text
  • alt text Formatting Paragraphs
  • alt text Setting Text Options
  • alt text Creating Paragraph Text
  • alt text Choosing Paragraph Options
  • alt text Setting Indents Using the Ruler
  • alt text Importing Text
  • alt text Using the Spell Checker
Section 8: Outlining & Filling Objects
  • alt text The Outline Tool
  • alt text Choosing Outline Thicknessesv
  • alt text Choosing Outline Colors
  • alt text Using Fill Tool
  • alt text Copying Attributes
  • alt text Setting Outline and Fill Defaults
Section 9: Using Symbols and Clipart
  • alt text Inserting Text Symbols
  • alt text Adding Clipart
  • alt text Modifying Clipart
  • alt text Using the Scrapbook to Search for Clipart
Section 10: Transforming Objects
  • alt text Mirroring Objects
  • alt text Rotating and Skewing Objects
  • alt text Using Transform Docker
Section 11: Special Effects
  • alt text Fitting Text to a Path
  • alt text Drawing With the Artistic Media Tool
  • alt text Shaping an Object with an Envelope
  • alt text Extruding an Object
  • alt text Blending Two Objects
  • alt text Using the Lens Effect
  • alt text Adding Perspectives
  • alt text Using PowerClips
  • alt text Applying Contours
  • alt text Applying Drop Shadows
Section 12: Exporting Drawings
  • alt text Exporting to Graphic Formats
  • alt text Copy and Pasting Into Other Applications
Section 13: Printing
  • alt text Print Options
  • alt text Print Previewing

Adobe Illustrator

PHASE - I : Online courses in Graphics using Illustrator
Main Tools:
  • alt text Introduction
  • alt text Interface
  • alt text Ruler,Guides,Grids,Workspace
  • alt text Toolbox
  • alt text Pen Tool
  • alt text Pencil Tool
  • alt text Basic Shapes
  • alt text Editing shapes – Part 1
  • alt text Editing shapes – Part 2
  • alt text Demo 1
  • alt text Demo 2

PHASE - II: E-Learning for Illustrator, Online, Graphics
Main Tools:
  • alt text Paint brush tool
  • alt text Grouping
  • alt textDemo 3
PHASE - III: Lessons, Tips for Adobe Indesign Online Tutorials
Main Tools:
  • alt text Transform
  • alt text Order
  • alt text Layers
  • alt text Demo 4

PHASE IV: Study Online Illustrator Cs3, Logo's, Brochures, Visiting Cards
Main Tools :
  • alt text Wrap Tool
  • alt text Twirl tool
  • alt text Pucker tool
  • alt text Bloat tool
  • alt text Scallop tool
  • alt text Crystallize tool
  • alt text Wrinkle tool
PHASE V: Online Study for Illustrator CS3
Main Tools:
  • alt textSymbol Sprayer Tool
  • alt text Symbol Shifter Tool
  • alt text Symbol Scruncher Tool
  • alt text Symbol Sizer Tool
  • alt textSymbol Styler Tool
  • alt textSymbol Spinner Tool
  • alt text Symbol Stainer
  • alt text Symbol Screener Tool
PHASE VI: Adobe Illustrator study online, CBT training.
Graph tool:
  • alt text Column graph tool
  • alt text Stacked column graph tool
  • alt text Bar graph tool
  • alt text Stacked graph tool
  • alt text Line graph tool
  • alt text Area graph tool
  • alt text Scattered graph tool

Text :
  • alt text Text options
  • alt text Area type text
  • alt text Text on path
  • alt text Text wrap
PHASE VIII: Online lessons, tutorials for Illustrator
Object Menu:
  • alt textPath Blend,Envelope Distort
  • alt text Live paint,Live trace,Crop
  • alt text Clipping Mask
PHASE IX: Online tutorials for Illustrator
Main tool:
  • alt text Mesh
  • alt text Gradient

PHASE X: Lessons, effects, training in Adobe Illustrator
Filters :
  • alt text Illustrator CS3 filters
  • alt text Create
  • alt text Distort
  • alt text Stylize
  • alt text Photoshop filters
  • alt text Illustrator CS3 effects
    • a) Convert to shape
    • b) Distort,transform
    • c) Photoshop effects
    • d) Effects Gallery
  • alt text Extrude
  • alt text 3D Effects
PHASE XII: Adobe Illustrator, Vector Software.
  • alt text Saving
  • alt text Conversion of Raster to Vector
Feature Image

Adobe Photoshop

PHASE I : Online Courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing
  • 1) Interface
  • alt text The Welcome Screen
  • alt text Color Spaces
  • alt text Document Window
  • alt text The Toolbox
  • alt text Menus
  • 2) File Menu
  • alt text New
  • alt text Open
  • alt text Close
  • alt text Clode All
  • alt text Save
  • alt text Save As
  • 3) Tool Bar
  • alt text Rectangle Marquee Tool
  • alt text Ellipitical Marquee Tool
  • alt text Move Tool
  • alt text Default color
  • alt text Recover File
  • alt text Zoom Tool
  • alt text Hand Tool
  • alt text Lasso Tool
  • alt text Edit Lasso Tool
  • alt text Polygon Tool
  • alt text Edit Polygon Tool
  • alt text Crop Tool
  • alt text Deselect the Selection
  • alt text Magic wand Tool
  • alt text Move selection
  • alt text Copy Using Move Tool
  • alt text Perfect Rectangle & circle

  • 4) Edit Menu
  • alt text Free Transform
  • alt text Transform
    • i. Scale
    • ii. Rotate
    • iii. Skew
    • iv. Distort
    • v. Perspective
    • vi. Wrap
    • vii. Rotate 180
    • viii. Rotate 90° cw
    • ix. Rotate 180° ccw
    • x. Flip Horizontal
    • xi. Flip Vertical

  • 5) Select Menu
    • alt text Color Range

PHASE II : Online training / tutorials for Photoshop, Online Graphics Designing
  • 6) Drawing and Painting Tools
  • alt text Brush Tool
  • alt text Air-Brush Tool
  • alt text Pencil Tool
  • alt text Eraser Tool
  • alt text PaintBucket Tool ,Gradient Tool
  • alt text Smudge Tool
  • alt text Define Brush
  • alt text Load Brush
  • alt text Create a new Layer
  • alt text Delete Layer

PHASE - III: E-learning correspondence courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing E-Learning.
  • 7) Layers
  • alt text Rename a Layer
  • alt text Position the Layers
  • alt text Layer Opacity
  • alt text Draging Layer
  • alt text Link Layers
  • alt text Invisible Layers
  • alt text Merge visible layers
  • alt text Flatten image
  • alt text Edit Gradient colors
  • alt text Swatches Palette,Eraser Tool

PHASE IV : Training in Photoshop, Online Courses in Photoshop, Editing Images, Online Training for Graphics Designing
  • 8) Image and Text Editing.
  • alt text Image Size
  • alt text Different Modes for filling colors
    • i. Color Mode
    • ii. Multiply Mode
    • iii. Screen Mode
    • iv. Opacity of color
    • v. Save selection
    • vi. Load selection
    • vii. Fill gradient
    • viii. Merge Down
    • ix. Strokes/outlines
    • x. Rasterize the shapes
    • xi. Canvas Size
    • xii. Type Tool
    • xiii. Vertical Type Tool
    • xiv. Type Mask Tool
    • xv. Adjustments - Brightness/contrast
PHASE V: Courses in Photoshop Online Training, Graphics Designing, Online Training.
  • 9) Channel Palette and Mask Mode options
  • alt text Standard Mode
  • alt text Quick Mask Mode
  • alt text Channel Palette
  • alt text Load a channel as a selection
  • alt text Adjustments
  • alt text Auto levels
  • alt text Inverse Selection
  • alt text Filters
PHASE VI : Correspondence courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing, Learn
  • 10) Feathers
  • alt text Feathers
  • alt text Add Reveal Selection
  • alt text Rulers
  • alt text Clipping Mask
  • alt text Adjustment - Hue/Saturation
  • alt text Color Balance
  • 11) Drawing & Editing Paths
  • alt text Path
  • alt text Pen tool
  • alt text Convert to curve
  • alt text Filter - Neon Glow
  • alt text Clone Stamp
  • alt text Adjustment - Replace colour