About Dot Net Course Training

This course is aimed at the professionals who want to Specialize in Microsoft Technologies. As .NET is an Integral Part of Microsoft Web Technologies it is preferred by most of the Technical experts as the perfect tool for developing the Solutions for todays complex computing requirements.

Dot net is a framework or platform in which programmers can create software applications and run programs in a friendly environment. The applications developed under dot net are language independent as the dot net framework includes a vast programming language library that enables interoperability. C#.NET, VB.NET, J#.NET are the languages that run on the dot network framework effectively. Building an application using the. Net Framework gives developers several advantages such as having a robust and highly secure platform for development. Additional benefits are also provided by the software as it reduces software development time and provides a reliable and scalable application that can deliver a comprehensive business solution ; helping businesses to better deal with their clients. .NET is a platform that enables developers to make smart applications with platform-wide interoperability, even within a limited timeframe. The. NET platform, also known as the. NET Framework, allows for innovation in the development and deployment of business applications.


Dot Net Course Duration

4 Month

(3 Months course and 1 month Project)



Delivery Mode

Class Room Training

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Systems programmers
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.Net 2008 Day wise plan(C#.net, vb.net)
Module 1: Introduction to .NET
Module 2: Introduction to .NET Framework 3.5
alt text Versions of Framework
alt text Benefits of Framework
alt text Architecture of .NET Framework
alt text Components of .NET Framework
Module 3: Creation of Console Application
alt text Use of variables , data types
alt text Operators
alt text Selection statements
   alt text The if …else statement
   alt text The Select …. Case statement
alt text Iteration statement
   alt text The While …. End statement
   alt text The While …. End statement
   alt text The for … next statement
   alt text The for… each statement
alt text Arrays
alt text Enumeration
Module 4: Object Oriented Programming
alt text Classes and objects
alt text Inheritance
alt text Interfaces
alt text Polymorphism
alt text Anonymous types
alt text Structures
alt text Name spaces
Module 5: Creating the Windows form application
alt text Working with all windows Form controls
alt text Working with container controls
alt text Working with menus control
alt text Working with dialog boxes controls
Module 6: Working with ADO.NET
Module 7: Working with Windows Presentation Foundation
Module 8: ASP.NET 3.5 essentials
alt text Introduction to ASP.NET
alt text Web form controls
   alt text standard controls
   alt text navigation controls
   alt text validationcontrols
   alt text login controls
   alt text web part controls
alt text implementing Master Pages and Themes
alt text Caching in ASP.net
alt text Web service