About Hadoop BigData Training

Hadoop is a framework which is designed to solve the problems related to Big Data. Each and everyday numerous amount of raw data is generated from different kinds of sources, this data contains lot of useful information which help solve many different kinds of problems. Hadoop helps in analysis of this huge data and provides with useful information.


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2 Months



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Classroom Training

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Industry 80%
Project Managers 70%
Web content experts 60%
Analysts 80%
Marketing Professionals 70%


    Why Learn Big Data?
  • alt text 90% of the data in the world today is less than 2 year old.
  • alt text 18 Moths is the estimated time for digital universe to double.
  • alt text 2.6 Quintillion bytes is produced every day.

    Module 1: BigData

  • alt text Definition with Real Time Examples
  • alt text How BigData is generated with Real Time Generation
  • alt text Use of BigData-How Industry is utilizing BigData
  • alt text Future of BigData!!!

    Module 2: Hadoop

  • alt text Why Hadoop?
  • alt text What is Hadoop?
  • alt text Hadoopvs RDBMS, HadoopvsBigData
  • alt text Brief history of Hadoop
  • alt text Problems with traditional large-scale systems
  • alt text Requirements for a new approach
  • alt text Anatomy of a Hadoop cluster
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Module 3: HDFS
  • alt text Concepts & Architecture
  • alt text Data Flow (File Read , File Write)
  • alt text Fault Tolerance
  • alt text Shell Commands
  • alt text Java Base API
  • alt text Data Flow Archives
  • alt text Coherency
  • alt text Data Integrity
  • alt text Role of Secondary NameNode
Module 4: MapReduce
  • alt text Theory
  • alt text Data Flow (Map – Shuffle - Reduce)
  • alt text MapRedvsMapReduce APIs
  • alt text Programming [ Mapper, Reducer, Combiner, Partitioner ]
Module 5: HIVE & PIG
  • alt text Architecture
  • alt text Installation
  • alt text Configuration
  • alt text Hive vs RDBMS
  • alt text Tables
  • alt text DDL & DML
  • alt text Partitioning & Bucketing
  • alt text Hive Web Interface
  • alt text Why Pig
  • alt text Use case of Pig
  • alt text Pig Components
  • alt text Data Model
  • alt text Pig Latin
Module 6: HBase
  • alt text RDBMS VsNoSQL
  • alt text HBase Introduction
  • alt text HBase Components Scanner
  • alt text Filter Hbase POC
    Module 7: Introduction to MongoDB
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