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Master of Library Information Science (MLIS) Highlights

    Admission Qualification:

  • A Candidate with B.L.I.Sc degree of this University
    or any other University, considered as equivalent, shall be eligible for M.L.I.Sc.

    Program Duration:

  • The duration of the M.L.I.Sc Programme is 'One' academic year from the year of Admission to the Programme.

    Scheme of Examination:

  • Internal assessment (IA) through assignments with a weightage
    of 25%
  • Term-end examination having a weightage of 75%
  • Each paper will be of 100 marks
  • Minimum for pass is each course is
    40% [In Internal Assessment + Term End Examination]

Medium of Instruction:

  • Medium of Instructions for MLISc programme is English
  • University will supply study material for the students which is in SLM pattern, in addition to face to face counseling.
  • Each course is divided into 3 to 5 Blocks. Further, each block is divided into 3 to 5 Units.
  • The students will receive 37 books in all for the entire programme.
    Students are given the option to write answer in Kannada or in English.

Program Structure

Subject Code
MLI - 61  I Foundations of Information Science 6
MLI - 62 II Organization of Information Sources 6
MLI - 63  III Content Analysis, Organization & Development 6
MLI - 64 IV Management of Information Resources 6
MLI - 65 V Information Systems : Architecture & Retrieval 6
MLI - 66 VI Research Methods in LIS 6
MLI - 67 VII Application of IT in libraries & Information Centres (Theory) 6
MLI - 68 VIII Organization of Information Sources (Practical) 4
MLI - 69 IX Application of IT in Libraries and Information centres (Practical) 4

Instructional System

The Instructional methodology used in this University is different from that of the conventional Universities. The Open University system is more learner-oriented, and is geared to cater to the needs of motivated students assuming that the student is an active participant in the teaching-learning process. Instruction to student is imparted through various modes such as Print, Audio, Video and supported by face to face contact programme. The University follows multi-channel approach for instruction. It comprises proportionate combination of :
The university follows multi-channel approach for instruction. It comprises proportionate combination of : Printed Self-instructional.
  • alt text PAudio-Video CDs and FM Radio Channel.
  • alt text Face to Face Contact Programme by University Professors/ experienced professionals.

Credit System – General :

  • alt text MLISc is a Credit Based Programme
  • alt text A weight age of fifty credits are given for nine courses. The University follows the 'Credit system' for its M.L.I.Sc. programme
  • alt text Each Credit is of 30 hours of study comprising of all learning activities.
Thus, a three credit course involves 90 study hours, a six credit course involves 180 study hours and so on. This helps the students to understand the academic efforts she/ he has to put in order to successfully complete the programme.

Semester Wise Fee Structure
Program/Tuition Fees
Rs. 10000/-
Examination Fees
Rs. 1500/-
Registration Fees (at the time of Admission only)

Rs. 500/-

Fees for Re-sitting Examination
For 1 Paper
Rs. 300/-
For 2 Papers
Rs. 600/-
For 3 Papers
Rs. 900/-
More Than 3 Papers