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Master of Science (Msc) Mathematics Details

Master of Science (Msc) Highlights

In response to the exponentially growing demand for well trained post-graduates in Mathematics from Institutions with professional excellence, the Karnataka State Open University is offering a Two year semester based M.Sc. Mathematics Degree Programme (Two Semester per year-Total Four Semester). The programme is specially designed for Teachers, Engineers, computer Scientists and others who are interested in Mathematics but could not pursue a Master degree programme in Mathematics for various reasons. The Karnataka State Open University's M.Sc. Mathematics programme is a tightly scheduled, highly structured, and application oriented.

Mathematics is as old as mankind and civilization. Mathematics is advancing at spectacular rate and it is about logical analysis, decision making, deductions, precision and is also about quantity, space, change and structure. Mathematics has a pervasive influence on our everyday lives, and contributes to the wealth of the country. The curriculum is framed using time tested and Internationally well-known books and is also based on the feed back from the best programmes available in our country. The curriculum includes different branches of mathematics that have a wide range of practical applications such as Algebra, Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, computer programming, Mathematical Statistics and Operation Research. The curriculum is so developed that the study of mathematics can satisfy a wide range of interests and abilities. It develops the imagination; it trains in clear and logical thought.

Those who qualify in M.Sc. Mathematics are in fortunate position of having a wide range of career choices. The abilities to use logical thought, to make deduction from assumption, to use advanced concepts are all enhanced by a Mathematics degree course. It is for this reason that Mathematicians are increasingly in demand. With M.Sc. Mathematics degree, one should be able to turn his/her hand to Finance, Statistics, Engineering, Computers, Teaching or Accountancy with a success not possible to other post graduates.

    Admission Qualification:

    The candidates who fully any one of the condition as stated below are
    eligible to seek admission in M.Sc Mathematics.
  • Candidates who have passed B.Sc. / B.Sc.Ed from a
    recognized University with Mathematics as one of the major subjects.
  • Candidates who have passed BE/B.Tech from a recognized
    University / Institution.

    Program Duration:

  • The post-graduates course in Mathematics will be
    called as the Master of Science in Mathematics.
  • The M.Sc. Mathematics programme will be of two
    academic years' duration and conducted in four semesters with each
    semester having an academic duration of 14 to 16 weeks.

    Scheme of Examination:

  • Internal assessment (IA) through assignments with a weightage
    of 25%
  • Term-end examination having a weightage of 75%
  • Each paper will be of 100 marks
  • Minimum for pass is each course is
    40% [In Internal Assessment + Term End Examination]
Medium of Instruction:
  • The medium of instruction of M.Sc. Computer Science programme is English only.
  • However, Examination may be answered in English and Kannada only
  • Under open distance system, a paper is called "Course" and a course as "Programme".

Course of Study:

  • The M.Sc. in Mathematics programme shall be in Semester Scheme. Although the duration of the programme is two years, the maximum period for completion of the programme shall be four years.
  • There shall be five courses in each semester. Each paper shall be of 100 marks. (80 Exam) + 20 (Internal Assessment).
  • There shall be regular counseling, Contact Programmes for the candidates.
1st Semester
2nd Semester
Math 1.1
Math 2.1
Linear Algebra
Math 1.2
Real Analysis - II
Math 2.2
Real Analysis - II
Math 1.3
Complex Analysis - I
Math 2.3
Complex Analysis - II
Math 1.4
Discrete Mathematics
Math 2.4
Numerical Analysis
Math 1.5
Differential Equations
Math 2.5
Operation Research
3rd Semester
4th Semester
Math 3.1
Math 4.1
Number Theory
Math 3.2
Measure Theory
Math 4.2
Graph Theory and Algorithms
Math 3.3
Functional Analysis
Math 4.3
Fluid Mechanics
Math 3.4
Mathematical Modelling
Math 4.4
Mathematical Statistics
Math 3.5
Computer Programming
Math 4.5
Grand Total Credits : 70

Note:Submission of Assignment is compulsory. Assignments should be submitted during the year of admission only. Assignments submitted in subsequent years will not be accepted.

Classification of Successful Candidates :

Upon successful completion of entire program a candidate shall be placed with a class label based on his/her performance through out programme. The table summarizes the classification rules.

Aggregate % of marks obtained from all 4 semester
Qualitative Level
Grade Awarded
Class Label
75% or More Excellent A Distinction
60% to 74% Very Good B I Class
50% to 59% Good C II Class
35% to 49% Satisfactory D Pass
Below 35% Failed E Fail
Award of Degree:

Students will be eligible to get their degree certificates of M.Sc. Mathematics after successful completion of their academic programme. They will have to apply to the Register (Evaluation) along with the prescribed fee at the time of convocation to get their degree certificates. However they may be issued a provisional degree certificates, on application, soon after the announcement of the final result.


Semester-wise Fee Structure
Program/Tuition Fees
Rs. 5000/-
Examination Fees
Rs. 1000/-
Registration Fees (at the time of Admission only)
Rs. 500/-
Fees for Re-sitting Examination
For 1 Paper
Rs. 300/-
For 2 Papers
Rs. 500/-
For 3 Papers
Rs. 700/-
More than 3 Papers
Rs. 1000/-