About Perl Programming Language

Perl is a programming/Scripting language that combines the modern robustness of Java with the expedient pragmatism of scripting languages. It offers both the low-level system access of C and the high-level elegance of Lisp. One of its mottoes is, “There’s More Than One Way To Do It.” Automation is the process of making a process or functionality, implemented and run by the software code written for the specific purposes. Perl is one of the language used for automation because of its many ways to do same thing. This course provides a brief introduction to perl and how to use it in test automation. Brief class practicals and assignments will give students hands-on experience writing, debugging, and revising Perl programs.

Perl Programming Language Highlights

Course Duration

1 month

8 Weekends



Delivery Mode

Class Room Training

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IT Professionals 80%
Data Managers 70%
Advance Internet Users 50%
System Analyst
Software Engineers 70%
Big Data base Users 40%

Python Contents

1.Introduction of Automation
alt_textAutomation testing
alt_text Uses
alt_textLanguages and tools used.
2.Introduction to PERL
alt_textWhat is Perl?
alt_textPerl’s alternatives
3.Perl Semantics and Building blocks
alt_textdata types
alt_textControl structures
3.Perl scalar data
alt_text Scalar variables
alt_textRelated functions
4.Arrays in Perl
alt_text List context
alt_text Array definition
alt_text Array Manipulation
alt_textRelated functions
5.Hashes in Perl
alt_text Hash definition
alt_textUses of Hash
alt_textHash Manipulation
alt_textHASH functions
alt_textSubroutine definition
alt_text Using a subroutine
alt_text AUTOLOAD
7.Perl File and Input/Output:
alt_text Files
alt_textFilesystem related functions
alt_textFile permission functions
alt_textRelated Functions
alt_textCommand line interaction
8.Perl debugging and Error Handling
alt_text Eval
9.Regular Expressions/Pattern matching
alt_textMatch Operators
alt_textSpecial characters
alt_textPattern matching options
alt_textScalar References
alt_text Array References
alt_textHash References
alt_textSubroutine References
alt_textFile handle References
11.System Interaction
alt_textSystem function
alt_textExec, stat
alt_textBack ticks
alt_textOther functions
alt_textProcess Management

Table of Contents

S.No Chapter Hours
1 Introduction of Automation: 1 hours
2 Introduction to PERL 1 hours
3 Perl Semantics and Building blocks: 3 hours
4 Perl scalar data 2 hours
5 Arrays in Perl 2 hours
6 Hashes in Perl 2 hours
7 Perl File and Input/output: 2 hours
8 Perl debugging and Error Handling 3 hours
9 Regular Expressions/Pattern matching: 1 hours
10 References: 3 hours
11 System Interaction 2 hours
12 Perl scalar data 2 hours
13 LAB 6 hours
14 Test 3 hours
Total 32 hours