Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application Details

This job oriented course is a one year complete course for specialisation in Office automation process, packaged with complete knowledge for the present Job requirements. As the requirements of the organisation keeps on changing according to technologies we make sure that the course is continuously updated to keep phase of the requirement of the industry this one year course comes with the 100% JOB Assurance guarantee.

Computer Applications Postgraduate Diploma is a computer science course at the Diploma level. Computer Application defines an application or "app" as a computer software designed to assist the user in performing specific tasks. Diploma in Computer Application Duration in all institutions is not equal but varies from place to place. It is also not the same minimum time to complete the course. It's two years somewhere and it's a year in another place. So, students ' duration depends on the institute they are going to have a diploma course in. The course syllabus is two semesters.
Candidates can go for a higher degree program in respective subjects such as Master’s Degree etc.There are lots of career opportunities in this field. Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges. Candidates from this field can seek employment in public and private sectors, banking, insurance, accounting, stock markets, e-commerce and marketing. They can also become computer operator in many companies.

Highlights of Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

Course Duration

1 Year



Delivery Mode

Classroom Training

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Students seeking employment
Professionals upgrading to the latest skills


  • alt_text Computer Fundamentals, Computer Typing
  • alt_text Theory on Software, Hardware, Networking & Internetworking
  • alt_text Microsoft Windows Based Desktop Operating Systems
  • alt_text Microsoft Office Suit (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • alt_text Microsoft Office Suit (Outlook, Picture Manager, Project)
  • alt_text Productivity Product (Adobe Acrobat)
  • alt_text Connectivity (LAN, Wireless, Remote Access)
  • alt_text Internet (Browsing, E-Mail, Chat, Search Engines, download, Upload etc.)
  • alt_text Storage & Archive Services Scanning, Printing, Multimedia


Basics Of Accounting
  • alt_text Accounting Principles
  • alt_text Concepts and Conventions
  • alt_text Mode of Accounting
  • alt_text Recording Transactions
  • alt_text Financial Statements
  • alt_text Features of Tally. ERP 9
  • alt_text Creating Accounting Master
  • alt_text Creating Inventory Masters
  • alt_text Inventory Vouchers
  • alt_text Invoicing
Feature Image
Feature Image
Advanced Accounting
  • alt_text Bill Wise Details
  • alt_text Cost Centres and Cost Categories
  • alt_text Voucher Class
  • alt_text Multiple Currencies
  • alt_text Bank Reconciliation
  • alt_text Budget and Controls
  • alt_text Scenarios Management
  • alt_text Service Tax
  • alt_text TDS and E-TDS Returns
  • alt_text TCS and E-TCS Returns
  • alt_text Excise of Dealers
  • alt_text Excise of Manufacturers
Feature Image
Feature Image
  • alt_text Payroll Accounting and Compliance
  • alt_text Configuring Payroll
  • alt_text Payroll Masters
  • alt_text Processing Payroll
  • alt_text Employer PF Contribution
  • alt_text Employer ESI Contribution
  • alt_text Payment of PT
  • alt_text Payroll Reports
Advance Inventory
  • alt_text Order Processing
  • alt_text Reorder Level
  • alt_text Tracking Numbers
  • alt_text Batch Wise Details
  • alt_text BillofMaterials
  • alt_text Stock Valuation Etc
  • alt_text VAT configuring
  • alt_text Computing,Reports
  • alt_text CST configuring
  • alt_text Tally Vault
  • alt_text POS
  • alt_text Job Costing
  • alt_text Multilingual Capabilities
  • alt_text Security Control
  • alt_text Tally Audit
  • alt_text ODBC
  • alt_text Online Help and Support
Feature Image
Feature Image
Personality Development Course
  • alt_text Payroll Accounting and Compliance
  • alt_text Time Management
  • alt_text Goal Setting
  • alt_text Communication Skills
Tally Student Subscription
  • alt_text Dream Job
  • alt_text E-Lfeatearning
  • alt_text Career Mapping
  • alt_text Online Self Assessment
Feature Image


  • alt_text Introduction to Desk Top Publishing
  • alt_text Introduction to Page Maker Advantages
  • alt_text Using the Mouse
  • alt_text Components of the Page Maker Window
Feature Image
  • alt_text Setting the Margins
  • alt_text Setting the Page Size
  • alt_text Changing the page Orientation
  • alt_text Setting Page Numbers
  • alt_text Changing the Page Size view
  • Creating New Document Windows
    • alt_text Displaying the Rulers
    • alt_text Changing the Rulers
    • alt_text Changing the page Orientation
    • alt_text Using Rulers
    • alt_text Using Guidelines
    • alt_text Positioning Guidelines
    • alt_text Adding Guidelines to Master Pages
    • alt_text Aligning to Guidelines
    • alt_text Displaying Guidelines
    • alt_text Locking Guidelines
  • Formatting Types
    • alt_text Changing Font Families
    • alt_text Changing Font Sizes
    • alt_text Changing Typeface Style
    • Changing Character Specifications
    • alt_text Changing Type leading
    • alt_text Changing Character Widths
    • alt_text Changing Tracking
    • alt_text Changing Type Options

  • Saving Your Document
    • alt_text Saving a new Document
    • alt_text Saving an existing Document
    • alt_text Saving a Document as another document
    • alt_text Reverting to a Previously Saved Version
  • Developing Paragraphs
    • alt_text Typing Text
    • alt_text Adding special Characters to Text
    • alt_text Aligning Text
  • Formatting paragraphs
    • alt_text Changing Indents, Changing the space around Paragraphs
    • alt_text Changing paragraph Alignment
    • alt_text controlling How Paragraphs Break Between Pages and Columns
    • alt_text Adding lines Above or Below Your Paragraphs.

  • alt_text Converting Other Objects to Frames
  • alt_text Threading and Unthreading Text
  • alt_text Threading additional Text, Threading Text to Different Page
  • alt_text Unthreading Text Blocks, Rethreading Text Blocks
  • alt_text Making Text Blocks Disappear Without Deleting them
  • alt_text Selecting and Dragging Text
  • alt_text Editing Deleting Text, Cut, Copying, Pasting Text
  • alt_text Viewing the Contents of Clipboard
  • alt_text Using Undo and Revert
  • Inserting and Removing Pages
  • alt_text Inserting and Removing Pages
  • Adjusting Spacing of Characters, Words, Lines
  • alt_text Adjusting, Spacing and Leading
  • alt_text Setting and changing Tabs
Feature Image
Feature Image
  • alt_text Introduction to Auto Flow
  • alt_text page maker Plug-Ins
  • alt_text Drop Cap
  • alt_text Change Case
  • alt_text Bullets and Numbering
  • alt_text Adding Graphics to your Document
  • alt_text Adding Lines
  • alt_text Changing Lines Specifications
  • alt_text Adding Shapes, changing Shape specifications
  • alt_text Changing Line and fill
  • alt_text Specifications together (Fill and Stroke)
  • alt_text Changing Round Corners
  • alt_text Creating Drop-Shadow
  • alt_text Boxes, Text wrap
  • Changing page maker Options
  • alt_text Adjusting Margins, Setting and Adjusting Columns
  • alt_text Setting Unequal Width Columns
  • alt_text Creating headers and Footers
  • alt_text Creating Graphics in page maker
  • alt_text Rotating Text
  • alt_text Skewing and Mirroring objects with Control Palette
  • Importing Graphics into page maker
  • alt_text Placing, Sizing, aligning Graphics
  • alt_text Cropping Graphics.Introduction to Using layers
  • alt_text Moving and creating objects
  • alt_text Introduction to Printing- Selecting a Printer
  • alt_text Printing your Document
  • alt_text Printing Document Dialog Box Options

  • Introduction – Using Story Editor
  • alt_text Opening Story Editor
  • alt_text How the Story Editor names
  • alt_text Tories
  • alt_text Switching Between Story Editor and Layout Editors
  • alt_text Closing Story Editor and Placing the Story Editor
  • alt_text , Differences between Story Editor and layout Editors

  • alt_text Starting the speller
  • alt_text Correcting Misspelled Words
  • alt_text Correcting Duplicate Words
  • alt_text Adding Words to the different Dictionaries
  • alt_text Correcting Duplicate Words
  • alt_text using find Feature, Using the change Feature,using page Maker Help

[D] Adobe InDesign

Adobe® InDesign® software lets you design and preflight engaging page layouts for print or digital distribution with built-in creative tools and precise control over typography.
Work Area
  • alt_text Arranging palettes
  • alt_text Customizing workspace
  • alt_text Palette menus
  • alt_text Navigation and magnification
  • alt_text Layers
  • alt_text Context menus
  • alt_text Selecting objects
  • alt_text Using help
  • alt_text Starting new documents and page size
  • alt_text Master pages
  • alt_text Footers
  • alt_text Placeholder master
  • alt_text Applying master and overriding master
  • alt_text Editing master pages
Main Tools:
  • alt_text Modifying and resizing text frames
  • alt_text Modifying and resizing graphic frames
  • alt_text Wrapping graphics
  • alt_text Creating and duplicating frames
  • alt_text Rotating and aligning objects
Importing and editing text
  • alt_text Managing fonts
  • alt_text Creating and entering text
  • alt_text Creating headline
  • alt_text Flowing text
  • alt_text Working with styles
  • alt_text Aligning text
  • alt_text Threading text
  • alt_text Changing number of columns
  • alt_text Changing text alignment
  • alt_text Character style
  • alt_text Find and Replace and Spell check
  • alt_text Text on a path
Feature Image
  • alt_textVertical spacing
  • alt_text Baseline grid
  • alt_text Space above and below paragraph
  • alt_text Font and type style
  • alt_text Paragraph alignment
  • alt_text Special font features and drop cap
  • alt_text Fill and stroke for text
  • alt_text Kerning and tracking
  • alt_text Working with tabs
  • alt_text Rule for paragraph
Working with color
  • alt_text Adding color to swatch palette
  • alt_text Applying color to objects
  • alt_text Dash stroke
  • alt_text Tint
  • alt_text Spot color
  • alt_text Apply color to text
  • alt_text Apply color to object
  • alt_text Creating and applying gradient swatch

Importing and linking graphics
  • alt_text Adding graphics
  • alt_text Vector and bitmap graphics
  • alt_text Managing links to imported graphics
  • alt_text Updating graphics
  • alt_text Clipping paths
  • alt_text Settings for display performance
  • alt_text Library to manage objects

Feature Image
  • alt_text Importing and formatting a table
  • alt_text Formatting borders and alternating row colors
  • alt_text Graphics within tables
  • alt_text Formatting text in table
  • alt_text Character style to table text
  • alt_text Adjust column size
Vector graphics
  • alt_text Document grids
  • alt_text Applying color to path
  • alt_text Pencil tool
  • alt_text Pen tool
  • alt_text Drawing curve and straight segments
  • alt_text Compound path
  • alt_text Slicing a path with scissor
  • alt_text Adding end shape to open path
  • alt_text Creating texture effects
  • alt_text Inline graphics

  • alt_text Transparency setting
  • alt_text Opacity of objects
  • alt_text Blending modes
  • alt_text Feathering
  • alt_text Transparency settings for EPS images
  • alt_text Drop shadow
Interactive document
  • alt_text Bookmarks
  • alt_text Hyperlinks
  • alt_text Navigation buttons
  • alt_text Adding a movie
  • alt_text Button with rollover and down states
  • alt_text Adding an action to button
  • alt_text Exporting to pdf
Feature Image
  • alt_text Defining a book
  • alt_text Creating book file
  • alt_text Order and pagination
  • alt_text Table of content
  • alt_text Maintaining consistency
  • alt_text Synchronizing book document
  • alt_text Updating table of content
  • alt_text Indexing the book

Printing and preparation
  • alt_text Preflight
  • alt_text Package
  • alt_text Separation preview
  • alt_text Transparency preview
  • alt_text Transparency flattener preview
  • alt_text Printing proof
Section 1: Introduction
  • alt_text What is CorelDRAW
  • alt_textCourse Objectives
  • alt_textHow to Use the Manual
  • alt_textHow to Install the Exercise Files
Section 2: Getting Started
  • alt_text Exploring the CorelDRAW Screen
  • alt_text Getting Assistance
  • alt_text File Management
  • alt_text Setting Up the Page
Feature Image
Feature Image
Section 3: Moving Around and Viewing Drawings
  • alt_text Moving Around the Current Page
  • alt_text Viewing Modes
  • alt_text Inserting and Deleting Pages
  • alt_text Changing Pages
Section 4: Selecting & Manipulating Objects
  • alt_text Selecting and Deselecting Objects
  • alt_text Moving Objects
  • alt_text Copying and Deleting Objects
  • alt_text Deleting Objects
  • alt_text Sizing Objects
Section 5: Drawing and Shaping Objects
  • alt_text Drawing and Shaping Tools
  • alt_text Using the Freehand Tool
  • alt_text Drawing Lines and Polylines
  • alt_text Drawing Freehand Polygons
  • alt_text Drawing Perfect Shapes and Polygons
  • alt_text Reshaping Lines and Polylines
  • alt_text Drawing Curves
  • alt_text Reshaping Curves
  • alt_text Drawing Rectangles
  • alt_text Drawing Circles
Section 6: Arranging Objects
  • alt_text Arranging Objects
  • alt_text Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
  • alt_text Using Guidelines
  • alt_text Using Dynamic Guides
  • alt_text Using Snap To
  • alt_text Aligning Objects
Feature Image
Feature Image
Section 7: Working with Text
  • alt_text The Text Tool
  • alt_text Creating Artistic Text
  • alt_text Editing Text
  • alt_text Formatting Paragraphs
  • alt_text Setting Text Options
  • alt_text Creating Paragraph Text
  • alt_text Choosing Paragraph Options
  • alt_text Setting Indents Using the Ruler
  • alt_text Importing Text
  • alt_text Using the Spell Checker
Section 8: Outlining & Filling Objects
  • alt_text The Outline Tool
  • alt_text Choosing Outline Thicknessesv
  • alt_text Choosing Outline Colors
  • alt_text Using Fill Tool
  • alt_text Copying Attributes
  • alt_text Setting Outline and Fill Defaults
Section 9: Using Symbols and Clipart
  • alt_text Inserting Text Symbols
  • alt_text Adding Clipart
  • alt_text Modifying Clipart
  • alt_text Using the Scrapbook to Search for Clipart
Section 10: Transforming Objects
  • alt_text Mirroring Objects
  • alt_text Rotating and Skewing Objects
  • alt_text Using Transform Docker
Feature Image
Feature Image
Section 11: Special Effects
  • alt_text Fitting Text to a Path
  • alt_text Drawing With the Artistic Media Tool
  • alt_text Shaping an Object with an Envelope
  • alt_text Extruding an Object
  • alt_text Blending Two Objects
  • alt_text Using the Lens Effect
  • alt_text Adding Perspectives
  • alt_text Using PowerClips
  • alt_text Applying Contours
  • alt_text Applying Drop Shadows
Section 12: Exporting Drawings
  • alt_text Exporting to Graphic Formats
  • alt_text Copy and Pasting Into Other Applications
Section 13: Printing
  • alt_text Print Options
  • alt_text Print Previewing

[E] Adobe Illustrator

PHASE - I : Online courses in Graphics using Illustrator
Main Tools:
  • alt_text Introduction
  • alt_text Interface
  • alt_text Ruler,Guides,Grids,Workspace
  • alt_text Toolbox
  • alt_text Pen Tool
  • alt_text Pencil Tool
  • alt_text Basic Shapes
  • alt_text Editing shapes – Part 1
  • alt_text Editing shapes – Part 2
  • alt_text Demo 1
  • alt_text Demo 2

PHASE - II: E-Learning for Illustrator, Online, Graphics
Main Tools:
  • alt_text Paint brush tool
  • alt_text Grouping
  • alt_textDemo 3
PHASE - III: Lessons, Tips for Adobe Indesign Online Tutorials
Main Tools:
  • alt_text Transform
  • alt_text Order
  • alt_text Layers
  • alt_text Demo 4

PHASE IV: Study Online Illustrator Cs3, Logo's, Brochures, Visiting Cards
Main Tools :
  • alt_text Wrap Tool
  • alt_text Twirl tool
  • alt_text Pucker tool
  • alt_text Bloat tool
  • alt_text Scallop tool
  • alt_text Crystallize tool
  • alt_text Wrinkle tool
PHASE V: Online Study for Illustrator CS3
Main Tools:
  • alt_textSymbol Sprayer Tool
  • alt_text Symbol Shifter Tool
  • alt_text Symbol Scruncher Tool
  • alt_text Symbol Sizer Tool
  • alt_textSymbol Styler Tool
  • alt_textSymbol Spinner Tool
  • alt_text Symbol Stainer
  • alt_text Symbol Screener Tool
PHASE VI: Adobe Illustrator study online, CBT training.
Graph tool:
  • alt_text Column graph tool
  • alt_text Stacked column graph tool
  • alt_text Bar graph tool
  • alt_text Stacked graph tool
  • alt_text Line graph tool
  • alt_text Area graph tool
  • alt_text Scattered graph tool

Text :
  • alt_text Text options
  • alt_text Area type text
  • alt_text Text on path
  • alt_text Text wrap
PHASE VIII: Online lessons, tutorials for Illustrator
Object Menu:
  • alt_textPath Blend,Envelope Distort
  • alt_text Live paint,Live trace,Crop
  • alt_text Clipping Mask
PHASE IX: Online tutorials for Illustrator
Main tool:
  • alt_text Mesh
  • alt_text Gradient

PHASE X: Lessons, effects, training in Adobe Illustrator
Filters :
  • alt_text Illustrator CS3 filters
  • alt_text Create
  • alt_text Distort
  • alt_text Stylize
  • alt_text Photoshop filters
  • alt_text Illustrator CS3 effects
    • a) Convert to shape
    • b) Distort,transform
    • c) Photoshop effects
    • d) Effects Gallery
  • alt_text Extrude
  • alt_text 3D Effects
PHASE XII: Adobe Illustrator, Vector Software.
  • alt_text Saving
  • alt_text Conversion of Raster to Vector
Feature Image

[F] Adobe Photoshop

PHASE I : Online Courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing
  • 1) Interface
  • alt_text The Welcome Screen
  • alt_text Color Spaces
  • alt_text Document Window
  • alt_text The Toolbox
  • alt_text Menus
  • 2) File Menu
  • alt_text New
  • alt_text Open
  • alt_text Close
  • alt_text Clode All
  • alt_text Save
  • alt_text Save As
  • 3) Tool Bar
  • alt_text Rectangle Marquee Tool
  • alt_text Ellipitical Marquee Tool
  • alt_text Move Tool
  • alt_text Default color
  • alt_text Recover File
  • alt_text Zoom Tool
  • alt_text Hand Tool
  • alt_text Lasso Tool
  • alt_text Edit Lasso Tool
  • alt_text Polygon Tool
  • alt_text Edit Polygon Tool
  • alt_text Crop Tool
  • alt_text Deselect the Selection
  • alt_text Magic wand Tool
  • alt_text Move selection
  • alt_text Copy Using Move Tool
  • alt_text Perfect Rectangle & circle

  • 4) Edit Menu
  • alt_text Free Transform
  • alt_text Transform
    • i. Scale
    • ii. Rotate
    • iii. Skew
    • iv. Distort
    • v. Perspective
    • vi. Wrap
    • vii. Rotate 180
    • viii. Rotate 90° cw
    • ix. Rotate 180° ccw
    • x. Flip Horizontal
    • xi. Flip Vertical

  • 5) Select Menu
    • alt_text Color Range

PHASE II : Online training / tutorials for Photoshop, Online Graphics Designing
  • 6) Drawing and Painting Tools
  • alt_text Brush Tool
  • alt_text Air-Brush Tool
  • alt_text Pencil Tool
  • alt_text Eraser Tool
  • alt_text PaintBucket Tool ,Gradient Tool
  • alt_text Smudge Tool
  • alt_text Define Brush
  • alt_text Load Brush
  • alt_text Create a new Layer
  • alt_text Delete Layer

PHASE - III: E-learning correspondence courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing E-Learning.
  • 7) Layers
  • alt_text Rename a Layer
  • alt_text Position the Layers
  • alt_text Layer Opacity
  • alt_text Draging Layer
  • alt_text Link Layers
  • alt_text Invisible Layers
  • alt_text Merge visible layers
  • alt_text Flatten image
  • alt_text Edit Gradient colors
  • alt_text Swatches Palette,Eraser Tool

PHASE IV : Training in Photoshop, Online Courses in Photoshop, Editing Images, Online Training for Graphics Designing
  • 8) Image and Text Editing.
  • alt_text Image Size
  • alt_text Different Modes for filling colors
    • i. Color Mode
    • ii. Multiply Mode
    • iii. Screen Mode
    • iv. Opacity of color
    • v. Save selection
    • vi. Load selection
    • vii. Fill gradient
    • viii. Merge Down
    • ix. Strokes/outlines
    • x. Rasterize the shapes
    • xi. Canvas Size
    • xii. Type Tool
    • xiii. Vertical Type Tool
    • xiv. Type Mask Tool
    • xv. Adjustments - Brightness/contrast
Feature Image
PHASE V: Courses in Photoshop Online Training, Graphics Designing, Online Training.
  • 9) Channel Palette and Mask Mode options
  • alt_text Standard Mode
  • alt_text Quick Mask Mode
  • alt_text Channel Palette
  • alt_text Load a channel as a selection
  • alt_text Adjustments
  • alt_text Auto levels
  • alt_text Inverse Selection
  • alt_text Filters
PHASE VI : Correspondence courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing, Learn
  • 10) Feathers
  • alt_text Feathers
  • alt_text Add Reveal Selection
  • alt_text Rulers
  • alt_text Clipping Mask
  • alt_text Adjustment - Hue/Saturation
  • alt_text Color Balance
  • 11) Drawing & Editing Paths
  • alt_text Path
  • alt_text Pen tool
  • alt_text Convert to curve
  • alt_text Filter - Neon Glow
  • alt_text Clone Stamp
  • alt_text Adjustment - Replace colour


Our Basic English classes help get you started with the basics in English and to create a foundation on which you can build upon. Basic English is for everyone and at this level we will teach an equal mixture of grammar, conversation and listening skills. This integrated approach will help prepare you for travel, work, and school. You will get your basics in English as well as some good conversational specifics. If you have any areas of weakness or specific areas which can be worked on, we will strive to help you to reach your target. We will analyze your improvement from time to time and will take a decision on taking you to the next level.

Feature Image
Key Topics:
  • alt_textVocabulary
  • alt_text Pronunciation
  • alt_text Grammar
  • alt_text Expression Skills
  • alt_text Conversation
  • alt_text Reading
  • alt_text Writing
  • alt_text Group Discussions
  • alt_text Public Speaking
  • alt_text Seminars


Many people fall into the Intermediate Category. In this level we review the foundation of the Beginner Level and start adding more vocabulary, more complicated grammatical rules, reading, writing, as well as trying to improve the pace of conversation, pronunciation and accent. You will start to read more and will have conversations at a more normal pace in English. At this level we want you to feel comfortable in thinking in English and speaking in the moment. In Intermediate English classes we use an integrated approach often mixed with current issues articles, stories and conversation

Key Topics:
  • alt_text Vocabulary
  • alt_text Expression SkillsS
  • alt_text Grammar Pronunciation
  • Personality & Fluency Development
  • alt_text Conversation
  • alt_text Public & Effective Speaking
  • alt_text Formal & Informal Speaking
  • alt_text Group Discussions & Seminars.
Feature Image


Our Advanced English module helps you gain fluency. We focus a lot on reading, writing, and speaking. This class helps you prepare for any Fluency certification or allows you to speak and understand English at a normal pace. We prepare students for International Certification, as well as any university class or translation class that you may need. We use practice exams as well as essay writing and practice readings, we also give oral exams and mock interviews to help you prepare for the exams you need to pass. We use an integrated approach suited to your specific requirements.

Feature Image
Key Topics:
  • alt_text Introduction to 3D Animation Phonetics
  • alt_text Effective Expressions
  • alt_text Epigrammatic Speech
  • alt_text Humour, Sarcasm and Wit
  • alt_text Group Discussions
  • alt_text Language for marketing and sales
  • alt_text Seminars and presentations
  • alt_text Compering
  • alt_text Emceeing
  • alt_text Various shades of speech that include brevity, coherence and clarity
  • alt_text Personality development