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Designing of Autonomous robots/ Parameters to be considered/ Placement of components and analysis of design.

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Introduction to programming/ C-Program/ Embedded-C/ Syntax/ Headers/ Variables/ Functions/ Statements – Types and Uses/ Instructions/ Conditions/ Loops/ Arduino Software/ Installing Software/ Identifying COM Port/ Setup and loop functions/ Assigning a port as Input or Output/ Writing digital outputs to a port/ Writing analog outputs/ Reading digital inputs/ Reading analog inputs/ Performing conditional actions based on inputs/ Performing continuous actions based on inputs/Concept of delay and its effects/ PWM concept and working/ Working with speed control of motors and brightness of LEDs/ Creating functions/ Calling functions/ Serial Communication/ Establishing communication/ ASCII Codes/ Programming robots on various algorithms.


Designing of Autonomous robots/ Parameters to be considered/ Placement of components and analysis of design.


Tabular Algorithms/ Analyzing the possible conditions/ Simulating the output/ Concept of Obstacle Avoider Robot/ Concept of Pit Avoider Robot/ Concept of Light follower Robot/ Concept of Walking Robot/Concept of Line follower Robot/ Concept of Computer Controlled Robot.


Electrical and Electronics

Introduction to Electronics/Various Electronic Components/ Voltage/ Current/ Resistor/ Power Supply – Types and Specifications/ Voltage Regulation/ Introduction to Light Emitting Diodes/ Lighting an LED/ Series and Parallel Connections/ Introduction to Switches-Types/ SPST, SPDT/ Push-to-on, Momentary Switch/ Interfacing the Switch types/ Two way control of devices/ Concept of Potentiometer/Brightness control of LEDs/Electromagnet –concept and working/ Motor – concept and working/ Direction Control of Motor/ Introduction to Sensors – Types and use/ Light Sensor – Concept and Working/ Interfacing Light Sensor/ Light Sensor controlled LEDs/ Infrared Sensor – Concept and Working/ Interfacing IR Sensor/IR Sensor controlled buzzer/ Hall Effect Sensor – Concept and Working/ Interfacing Magnetic Sensor/ Magnetic Sensor controlled buzzer and LED / DC Geared Motor – Types and Specification/ RPM/ Torque/ Selection of motors/ Parallel control of motors/ DC Batteries – Types and Specification/ Ampere-hour/ Discharge Capacity/ Selection of Batteries/ Wireless System – Types and Specification/ Frequency/ Introduction to Bluetooth/ Establishing connection with mobile and Bluetooth/ Introduction to Motor Drivers/ Need, Type and Specifications/ Introduction to transistors/ Working and control of motor/ H-Bridge working/ Servo Motor working/ Types and Specifications


Gears – Types and Working/ Wheel – Types and Specifications/ Selection of wheels/ Chassis – Material Selection/ Introduction to Engineering drawing/ Different perspective views/ Simple Objects of different shapes/ Complex shapes and designs/ Designing a simple race robot – Parameters to consider/ Ground clearance/ Effect of different parameters/ Designing a simple sumo robot – Parameters to consider/ Design of weapons – types and selection/ Designing a simple soccer robot – Parameters to consider/ Design of grippers/ Pick and place robot design and concepts.