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UNIX / LINUX is a fundamental course recommended for all the students whose goal is to understand the concept of Programming language and its implementation in the real time world. We Cover Linux Operating system to give a firm foundation for a career as systems programmer.

You gain skills in managing the data, executing controls, and customizing your Linux and UNIX environment with a thorough Linux and UNIX training. The student receives a clear technical insight on Unix in this training. In Unix Environment, we provide profound training. The software is very useful to C, Oracle, Java, C++, Test Engineers, SAS and all software engineers. This course has the purpose of giving you skills as Unix's initial user. This course will enable you to use Unix to manage files router, e-mail, edit files, piping and filtering commands, file permissions and customization. You'll also be able to access the Unix reference information and help online to learn more about Unix when you need it. Get a thorough Unix coverage only at Diginet Infosystems in Bangalore. While the course includes CentOS 7/RHEL 7 Linux installation and configuration, much of the course content also applies to Oracle, Ubuntu, Scientific and other mainstream Linux distributions. The laboratory includes maintenance for users and group groups, system backup & restores software management, automatic management and maintenance tasks, creation and maintenance of the file system, remote access management, cron working, and web services, as well as system logging tools like rsyslog, etc.

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1 Month



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Class Room Training

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Systems programmers
Coding Enthusiast
Linux Basic commands
alt_text History,features of unix, difference between Unix and Linux
Unix System Architecture
alt_text Kernel,Shells and GUI and File system
alt_text Application Program,Shell prompt
Login process
alt_text TTY terminal,Graphical terminal, Changing password
Unix Command Format
alt_text General rules for a unix command, types of commands
General purpose Commands
alt_text echo,printf,tput,cal,date,tty,Uname,Who,Who am I,bc, pr
Unix File System
alt_text Unix File System Architecture,Types of files
Directory Related Commands
alt_text pwd,cd,mkdir,rdir,creation of sub directory
File Related Commands
alt_text cat,cp,mv,rm,touch,ls, commands to display the conents of file.
alt_text comparing files,file permission notation,File access permission
alt_text chaning file permissions.
I/O Redirecton
alt_text Pipe and Pipeline,Filter(sort,cut,paste,uniq,tr,wc,cat,grep)
The Stream Editor(sed)
alt_text sed commands
Unix system calls
alt_text open,close,unlink,lseek,fork,wait
Compressign and Decompressing File, Communicaton
Shell programming
alt_text Vi editor, execute shell script
alt_text control statements, looping statements,programs on shell